I love photography. I am mostly photographing landscapes. I guess I am just too deeply in love with our beautiful planet to look at anything else. I have a passion for how wind, water and ice have shaped the surface of our Earth, and how mountains, oceans and great plains in turn fashion the weather around them. Photography is my favourite way to convey what I feel when travelling the natural world: the sheer verticality of a mountain, the dazzling light reflecting on a glacier’s surface, the unravelling of an intricate cloudscape in the evening light. Even as a scientist, I always attached photography to my work, as it was for me the only way to convey emotions to it, which I thought were equally as important as the numbers.


But although I have been shooting a lot, I have seldom taken the time for post-processing and sorting photos after my outings. So for the first time this year, I am trying to assemble an online portfolio. This begun with the series Confinés au Groenland, which I wrote during the lockdown. My family, alias my biggest fans, thought I should try and publish some of my photo, or maybe even sell it.

If you are interested in my work, please visit my galleries on Flickr and 500px FIXME. You will find there a few selected shots from my bike tour, but also older photos from Greenland (where I did fieldwork two consecutive summers), Japan (where I lived for a year), and the Alps (where I did a lot of hiking and camping). If you would like to support my tour and my dream to one day become a professional photographer, I even invite you to consider buying a print from FIXME.

Camera gear

I have been a hobby photographer for some time now. I think I have had my first one-time use camera around the age of ten. After a couple of those my parents bought me a film compact, which was really expensive then. As a student I moved to a cheap digital camera, then a slightly better long-zoom bridge camera. I think I became more serious about photography soon after I could afford to buy a entry-price Nikon reflex camera, which I stuck with for a couple of years. When Fujifilm began it’s X series of mirror-less cameras, I thought they were the perfect tool for me, so I purchased an X-T1, and later an X-T10. I used both cameras on multiple mountain hikes and camp nights. This is also when I acquired a lighter tent and quilt. On bicycle tours I typically brought along the X-T1, always at reach in my Ortlieb front bag. I still love this camera.

After two weeks on this tour, I was thinking to upgrade my camera body to an X-T3, but eventually decided to move into a radically different direction and bought a Canon Powershot G5X compact, which is now the camera I carry on tour. I find that the compact has many advantages over the bulkier mirror-less I carried for years. Firstly, I can fit many more items in my handlebar bag, like food, sunscreen, hand sanitizer etc. It is easier to take out of the bags while riding, less intimidating to others and, most importantly for me, fits on a very lightweight tripod (which also fits in my handlebar bag). The camera even has a built-in ND filter allowing for long exposures (not in full day light). Now for the drawbacks, the picture quality does feel slightly worse than that of the X-T1, the mini-tripod does not offer the shooting angles of a real tripod, and the compact camera is of course not as performant in low-light. But so far I do not regret the shift.